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mautobu / Dec 11, 2015

As of today, we are transitioning to a new website. Please go over to, create an account and your characters. Sign ups and approvals will happen through the new site and we'll be enforcing sign ups. If you sign up and are not...

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Who We Are

MVP was founded as a hardcore PVP guild, we are focused towards team-oriented game play. Through strategy, teamwork, and skill we were often able to take on much larger numbers in open combat. We take pride in being the gritty group outnumbered and outgunned who punches you right in the mouth. Our PVE side of the guild has roots in a myriad of MMOs, this will be pursued in Wildstar once again to the fullest extent as the raid sizes and difficulty prove to be a flashback to the glory days.

Choose who you play with
The tryout phase and the two-week trial allow for us to get to know individuals before they are then judged by the council and accepted or rejected into the brotherhood. This is a lengthy process that ensures all the members are skilled and a necessary addition to our group. Once you enter the guild as a member you can pass judgment on any trial members and have your voice heard. Any serious negative reviews that have merit will result in a rejection of the applicant.

Be part of an active guild
We have all been a part of guilds that seem to be less active then you are, but I assure you our unique recruitment process helps us weed out undesirables in more ways than one. We will be a very active event-based guild. There will always be weekly events scheduled and every possible opportunity for pvp is going to be explored.

Get a mature environment
The guild will have a no-nonsense policy over this and only wants to be portrayed in a positive light. Any immaturity shown to the community will eventually result in disciplinary action if not corrected. We have our fair share of immature pranks and foul mouthed fun internally but even that can have it's limits. Members will be respectful of teammates and guild members.

Limited Drama!
We all know it's impossible to be completely drama free but after a few internal conflicts we have learned our lesson and it's nipped quickly. Anything that escalates will be passed up the GM and he will judge on appropriate actions to be taken to diffuse the situation, or who to remove. We want to stay focused on the goal of the guild. Have fun together playing a game in our spare time and be damned efficient at doing so, petty squabbles don't help achieve that.

                            1) Focused Guild Goals
                            2) Peer Reviews
                            3) Guild Events
                            4) Mature Environment
                            5) Limited Drama